Bouncing Ian was created under the warm glow of the aurora borealis and spent his childhood in Anchorage, Alaska. He spent his high school summers away from Alaska marketing wooden trains on Wall Street and has experience donating Roombas in Africa. He is uniquely-equipped for managing tinker toys and is a real dynamo when it comes to selling Virgin Mary figurines in Tampa, FL.

Bouncing Ian often speaks about preventing genetic disease, but branches out in to other topics as well. He recently spoke at an international conference about implementing yard waste in Gainesville. While he once dreamt of building a pez dispenser empire, he has yet to legitimize his business in that regard and has instead kept all dealings strictly in the black market.

Bouncing Ian spent most of college practicing the art of puppetry, but has not used his degree in his career. He now mostly spends his time successfully consulting about science fiction films for the government with no outside help.